Your event is special to us. We work closely with you to tailor set lists and other special requests like MC-ing your wedding.  Since there are some variables to each event like the distance to travel and so on, the price can vary.

Please contact us for quote.


4 Comments on “Price”

  1. Hi Maurice, i have seen you play at Pizzini winery every other year for the past 10 years just brilliant. please could u let me know how much it would cost to come to Melbourne for a joint 50 birthday celebration, it would be on a saturday evening around june/july 2015. to be confirmed.
    yours sincerely

    • Hi Sharon, not sure if you received my email , wondering if I could call you re playing for your event my phone no is 0419213109 if you like text me your number and I’ll call you back .
      Cheers, Maurice

  2. Hi

    I am wondering how much you charge to play at an event for 1.5 hours in Mansfield on 28 December 2016.


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