1. How long in advance do I have to book?
For your private event it is recommended you book at least 3 months in advance. Maurice usually has bookings 12 months in advance. To avoid disappointment get in early.

2. On that note, how do I make a booking?
Head to the contact page and book with Maurice directly, and talk about the specifics of your event.

3. How long is a booking?
A typical gig goes for 3- 4 hours. If you require an alteration to this, please contact Maurice.

4. How much do you cost?
Please refer to the Pricing page for information.

5. Is there a deposit required?
To secure your private booking, yes. Please contact Maurice for more information.

6. What kind of songs do you play?
Great question! Head to the Song List page for a complete list of songs in our repertoire.

7. Can I get samples?
We’ve uploaded some samples on the Listen page of this site. The demo is an example

Take some time to peruse the other songs included of Maurice’s originals. If you like what you hear, these are available for download via iTunes.

8. Can I come see you perform before committing?
Absolutely! Visit the Upcoming Gigs page to see a list of public events that you’ll be able to come along to.

9. Can I choose songs for my event?
You’re welcome to choose from the Song List and then leave the rest to our professional selection. We have perfected the art of entertainment and will work these preferred songs to fit the mood, so you can relax and get carried away in the moment of your special event.

10. May favourite song isn’t on your list. Do you take special requests?
If you have a very special song you would like played at your wedding, birthday or other event, and it isn’t on our song list, we do our best to accommodate. Contact us to arrange beforehand so your event goes off without a hitch. Do note that a lot of effort goes into learning and perfecting songs, please take this into consideration.

Think we should be performing a certain song? We love to hear your song suggestions too! Head to the Song List page and fill in the form at the bottom of the list.

11. What sort of events to you cater to?
Glad you asked! In the past we have performed extensively in the snow fields, on cruise ships, at wineries, corporate functions, weddings, birthdays, clubs and hotels, and even an annual paddock event!

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